Progress Report: Q1 2022

The Banks

CAPTIONS: Upper left: Great American Ball Park signs congratulate the Cincinnati Bengals on winning the AFC Championship game. Upper right: Workers install roofing material on the future Filson’s Queen City Kitchen & Bar. Main photo: A worker installs formwork for a retaining wall in Lot 28, future home of the Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame.

The Banks Project:
Q1 2022 Progress

January, February, and March were months of highs and lows—be it fluctuation in temperatures, rise and fall of river levels, or Bengals football fortunes. Yet construction continued without a break on Lot 28 (Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame) and Lot 19 (Filson’s Queen City Kitchen & Bar).

  • Business at The Banks roared back in January, with the Cincinnati Bengals division games to secure both AFC North and the AFC Championship in January, and a trip to Super Bowl LVI in February.
  • Frost Factory’s new space continued under construction.
  • On Lot 19, construction continued on Filson’s Queen City Kitchen & Bar.
  • Lot 28 was abuzz with construction activity, building the interactive, permanent home for the Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame.
  • Central Riverfront Garage’s additional Mehring Way entrances (C and D) were convenient for Brady Music Center patrons.
  • VMS and Digital Messages delighted drivers and pedestrians alike with timely information about mobility.
  • The Roebling Bridge remained closed for repairs, with subtle signs pointing to a spring opening.
  • The Cincinnati Reds announced their Opening Day would be April 12, as they play host to the Cleveland Guardians.
  • The Ohio River crested at 51 feet, flooding parts of Smale Riverfront Park.

CAPTIONS: Left: High river and cold weather did not deter visitors to Smale Riverfront Park. Center: Cincinnati Riverfront Garage Mehring Way Entrance C offers nearby parking access to Freedom Way West, Paul Brown Stadium, and Brady Music Center. Right: Brady Music Center paid tribute to AFC Champion Cincinnati Bengals with orange lighting in January.

Project Pillars

Economic Inclusion

Phase I, II, IIIA, IIIB and IIIC Small Business Enterprise (SBE) participation 1/1/08 through 3/31/22.

Phase I, II, IIIA and IIIB Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

Goal/participation varied by project, between 4% and 9%.

Money paid to SBE and DBE contractors through varying dates.

Percentage of workforce living within the 26-county Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area*


* Phase I, II, IIIA, IIIB, and VMS Phase II from 1/1/08 through 12/31/21. There are no local residency participation goals for the project.

Combined Minority and Women Workforce Participation 1/1/08 through 12/31/21 for Phase I, II, IIIA, IIIB, and VMS Phase II

Female: 0.31%
Minority: 16.75%

Combined Minority and Women Workforce Participation 1/1/22 through 2/28/22 for Phase IIIC

Female: 0.0%
Minority: 4.14%


The Public Parties project work remained within budget.


Public Parties construction safety hours for all phases from 1/1/08 through 3/31/22.


All Public Parties work was completed on schedule in 2022.


Additional Information


Cincinnati Bengals win AFC Championship game at Paul Brown Stadium in January.

Even the VMS signs jump on the “Who Dey!” bandwagon!

Temporary Wall Construction in Lot 28 sets the stage for Phase IIIC construction.

Lot 28 fenced off at start of construction.

Frame on Lot 19 will be Filson’s Queen City Kitchen & Bar.

Bengals fans line the DORA along Freedom Way during AFC Championship game.

Parks Runners chase the shadows along the Ohio River Walk.


At 51-feet, the rising Ohio River encroaches on the Ohio River Walk.

Visitors queue up for Black History Month programs at the Freedom Center.

Snow did not stop runners from enjoying Smale Riverfront Park.

Workers excavate for pile caps in Lot 28.

Signage marks Lot 28 as the future home of the Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame.

The Bengals are Super Bowl bound!


New design for the Streetcar celebrates Cincinnati!

Hyacinths are some of the signs of spring in Smale Riverfront Park.

Lot 28 construction included concrete wall pour in March.

Irish dancers entertained the crowds at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade along Freedom Way.

Frost Factory continued its build-out of space on West Freedom Way.

Family visits the Black Brigade monument in Smale Riverfront Park.

Filson’s construction on Freedom Way (Lot 19) continues on schedule.





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What’s Next

Aerial photo of Lot 28 (Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame) shows progress in January of 2022.

Aerial photo of Lot 28 (Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame) shows progress in February of 2022.

Aerial photo of Lot 28 (Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame) shows progress in March of 2022.

For more information: Phil Beck, AIA, LEED AP Project Executive The Banks Project (513) 946-4434
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